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Arise and Shine Nursery and primary school:

Currently having 150(able bodied and disabled) children under our care. Most of these children are orphaned, abandoned or in any other vulnerable situation. We take care of these children with the aim of restoring them back to health and reuniting them with their families.The school is located in Buligo village in Iganga. A village where there was only one available school and some of the children had to study under trees. This made it difficult for the children to concentrate and study during rainy seasons.We have constructed a school with 7 classrooms, accommodating about 25 pupils each. With the school we are encouraging and supporting the girl child education by giving both boys and girls a chance to quality education. The School is located in an area where girls are less privileged via education. In Buligo area, if parents had less money and had to provide education to a child, that would be the boys hence the girls missing out on education and the benefits it brings!With our community education campaign sessions, we have been able to raise awareness on the issue and in turn, we have registered many more girls in the school and the ratio of girls to boys is 2: 1.

 Community Education:
This is a project we do to practically help address issues affecting the village. Under this project we talk about personal hygiene, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS sensitization and prevention. We have been able to reach over 300 people in the villages with this project and there has been noticeable positive behavior and attitude change towards the issues we sensitize about.

Community Outreach:
In this project, we introduce income generating projects to community members in Buligo village so community members can have a self-sustainable life. Most of the community members in Buligo village depend mostly on subsistence farming. And with the climate change, most of the gardens don’t yield as expected because the rains come at the wrong time and due to this many people suffer from famine. In this case we introduce the income generating activities so people can afford food during such times. Some of the income generating projects we have

Introduced in this area include,
-Paper beads necklace making supporting over 50 ladies in Buligo community.
-Handmade Candle making supporting 20 women in the same area.
For the future we hope to introduce the following projects,

Bee raring, fish farming, tomato growing and livestock farming.



We love to help all the children that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have many goals achieved.

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have many goals achieved.

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