Education Is The Great Engine Of Personal Development Its The Through That The Daughter of a Ppessant Can Become a Doctor .

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Our Goals

Safe and healthy living environment, proper nutrition and health care, quality education for children.

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Who We Are

Many children in Uganda have been victimized or left in vulnerable and needy situations. This is due to the lack of adequate resources to meet family basic needs in impoverished families; especially those that are child headed families by orphans due to HIV and AIDS. The prevalence of HIV in the Ugandan population is estimated to have been reduced from a level of 18.7% in the early 1990s to 5% today. In spite of this many people are affected by the disease without access to life saving Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART).


Projects Activities


Community Outreach

To educate, provide shelter, care and medical treatment for orphaned and other vulnerable children by 2022 sensitization of community members of the importance of education


Training sessions on entrepreneurship (this includes , records keeping, project management) to youth and adults Training sessions on modern methods of farming and storage to youth and adults .

Community Education

This is a project we do to practically help address issues affecting the village. Under this project we talk about personal hygiene, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS sensitization and prevention.

What We Have Done So Far

Constrution Of Class Block

We have constructed a school with 7 classrooms, accommodating about 25 pupils each. With the school we are encouraging and supporting the girl child education by giving both boys and girls a chance to quality education

Health And Reuniting

We take care of these children with the aim of restoring them back to health and reuniting them with their families.The school is located in Buligo village in Iganga This made it difficult for the children to concentrate .

Developmental Skils

Paper beads necklace making Handmade Candle making supporting 70 women in the same area. For the future we hope to introduce more projects, Bee raring, fish farming, tomato growing and livestock farming.

Bring water to the childrens

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Raised: $56 880
Goal: $70 000

Education for all

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Raised: $56 880
Goal: $70 000